In 1945, the magazine Ebony was born; a celebration of Blackness. In its early days, it was one of the few magazines that featured Black people on its cover. Ebony was important, because it showed the world that there is more to Black people than just struggle and negativity. Ebony helped break down racial barriers and promoted acceptance and understanding. The magazine became one of the leading platforms for promoting positive images of Black people and their achievements. Ebony magazine gave a voice to Black people, who were often ignored by the mainstream media.

Ebony is still as relevant today as it ever was. It beholds a leading role, and gives a good example for others on how to celebrate Black joy. The magazine played an important role in documenting the achievements of black people, and celebrating their cultural contributions.

In our current time there has been a gradual increase in the number of Black people on the covers of magazines. But the Blacks on covers remain a minority.

These digital collages celebrate the legacy of Ebony magazine, and its impact on black communities around the world. The collages celebrate black joy and emphasize the importance of representation in mainstream media. Ebony magazine is a historic publication that has been showcasing the beauty, intellect, and power of Black people for over 70 years. By creating these collages, the artist is hoping to inspire other Black individuals to see themselves represented positively in popular culture.

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