The ocean is a puddle of history and secrets. 

Some are still carrying the weight of the salt water. 

Once ships arrived, taking what is not theirs.

Sailing towards possession of land and human beings.

The deep blue as a pathway for the largest migration and a collective trauma.

On the same oceans, boats carried supplies back.

Identities washed away with the waves. 

The ghosts of the death are haunting the triangle.

If you are silent, you can hear the chains.

While the waves do her round, the ocean will behold the terror.

History with the aftertaste of salt water.

A cup of coffee, with a spoon of sugar and sweat of those longing for freedom.

When will we decolonize our waters?

Sowtu Watra is exploring the colonial relationship between the Netherlands, the sea and Suriname. 

Copyright © Charmaine de Heij.
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